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Second Class Language Activity to Beijing, Xi’an and Mount Lu


    Xi’an group arrived at 2:30pm on 26th October, our students went to visit the Ming Dynasty City Wall, they walked around, cycled and took a lot of pictures on the wall in the sunset. Then they came to Huaqing Pool, Qianling Mausoleum and Famen Temple in the three days, what impressed them was the Terracotta Warriors Museum, which is the eighth wonder of the world. Thousands of terracotta warriors and horses at different features and facial expressions are really magnificent. There are still crowds of people in this museum even it was not a holiday. The guide introduced the history of Qin Dynasty and The Terracotta Warriors to our students, then they came into the museum and took pictures and videos for these magic things.

Mount Lu

    There is a poem in China, ‘The true face of Lushan is lost to my sight, for its right in this mountain that I reside.’ Many students haven’t heard about it but they are lucky because they have opportunity to visit Mountain Lu and enjoy the natural view here. They toured Lulin Lake, Hanbokou scenic spot, Shimenjian scenic area etc. They were most impressed by The three waterfalls and Tengwang Pavilion during the four days’ trip. They took a lot of pictures while enjoyed the cool and fresh air here. 

  We believe that you have enjoyed the beautiful natural view, you have known more about the splendid culture and history. Moreover, you’ve met lots of new friends and tried the delicious local food together during the field trip.You probably feel both very tired and happy in the four days, but you really enjoyed the trip, right? We can’t wait to see your wonderful moments!