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  BUCM plays a leadership role in the field of Chinese medicine education, TCM development and research, on a national level. For foreign students, it provides the highest level Chinese medicine education which is taught by the most talented and deeply knowledgeable Chinese medicine professors and doctors. It also offers a diversity of courses, well-designed curriculuums, advanced Chinese medicine seminars, vast extra-curricular activities and clinical internships with the top Chinese medicine clinics and hospitals in Beijing. With its culturally sensitive and progressive staff, outstanding domestic and international students, along with its rich and beautiful campus environment, there are many opportunities for professional and personal development. As the university lies in the heart of Beijing, one of the most historical, cultural, international and vital cities in China, it also provides its students with easy access to many opportunities to learn more about Chinese culture and language, history, arts and entertainment, as well as, enjoy all of what Beijing has to offer its residents. BUCM has a long history of international development and educating foreign students. This has transformed BUCM into the premier university to educate foreigners in the field of Chinese medicine.