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Application Fee:415yuan (approx US$64)
Tuition Fee:
Undergraduate programs:  23300yuan/year
Master's degree programs
Chinese-taught programs: 31600yuan/year       
English-taught programs: 37600yuan/year  
Doctoral degree programs
Chinese-taught programs: 41600yuan/year
English-taught programs: 47600yuan/year
Language programs: 16224yuan/year
Short-term language programs: 3000yuan/four weeks
 Tuition fees will not be returned if the student leaves the school halfway and will not be reduced if the student is late for the course.
Insurance Premium:600yuan/year(approx US$92/year)
Accommodation: Rooms shared by two to four persons are provided, costing 25-50yuan /day per person (approx US$3.8-7.7/day per person).