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BNU Ecological Study Grabs International Attention

Invited by Dr. Donald R. Strong, Editor in Chief of Ecology Magazine, Professor Mou Pu from the School of Life Sciences becomes a member of Ecology Magazine’s Editorial Committee. During his three year tenure, Professor Mou Pu is mainly responsible for editing contribution in plant ecology.

Sponsored by the Ecological Society of America, Ecology Magazine enjoys world-wide prestige and is the most authoritative periodical in ecology. Professor Mou Pu is the first Chinese researcher invited to be on the magazine’s Editorial Committee.

Recently, the research achievement by Professor Zhang Dayong from the School of Life Science, A Nearly Neutral Model of Biodiversity, was published on Ecology Magazine, which is the first paper by Chinese author in the magazine. The paper has drawn great attention in the field of ecology. On the website of Ecology Magazine, its click rate once ranked third in the Ecology Top Five column. The paper is also recommended by Faculty of 1000. (School of Life Science)