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Short-Term Chinese Language Classes(Summer And Winter Expeditions)
Fees for one month
1)Application fee: 500 yuan/person
2)Tuition fee: 14000 yuan/person
(Including: lodging fee,textbook fee,activity fee,tickets, vehicles and food)
Long-Term Chinese Language Classes
1)Tuition fee: RMB8,800/student/semester (including teaching materials)
2)Application payment: RMB300/student
3)Boarding cost:RMB6,800/student/semester (double SR);RMB14,640/
student/semester (one room)
4)Deposit: RMB800/student (will be returned when the student leaves)
5)Insurance: RMB90/student/year
6)Rates for food: not included
Chinese Language Program For College Learning
1)Tuition fee: RMB9,200/student•semester
2)Application payment: RMB300/student
3)Boarding cost: RMB6,800/student•semester
4)Deposit: RMB800/student (will be returned when the student leaves)
5)Tuition Rates for teaching materials: RMB400/student•semester
6)Insurance: RMB90/student•year
7)Rates for food: not included
8)This Chinese Language Program is supported by Chinese Education fundation,the excellence will be honored by prizes.
New Program: HSK Classes
1. Tuition:9,800 RMB per capita each semester
2. Entry fee:300 RMB per capita
3. Accommodation: 6800 RMB per capita each semester (double bed room)
4. Down payment for Accommodation:800 RMB per capita (pay upon enrollment and be returned upon graduation)
5.Insurance:90 RMB per capita one academic year
6. Your own meal arrangements