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Campus life and surrounding environment            

On campus there is a school hospital, a post office, a bank ATM, a campus supermarket, laundry shpts, book stores, and more. The university’s library has a collection of about 1,400,000 books, among which there is the largest collection of 120,000 books in 20 ethnic minority writing systems. The university’s Ethnic Museum on campus has a collection of more than 30,000 precious cultural relics relating to the ethnic minorities in China. CUN has good facilities such as various-size classrooms, auditoriums and language labs, lecture halls, computer center and so on. An electronic reading room and free internet is provided especially for international students. The university’s sport facilities are complete, open to all students. The Bank of China is across the street from the university’s main gate, and the Chinese National Library is 500 meters south. There are supermarkets both to the south and north of campus within a kilometer. More than 20 bus routes pass near campus, as well as a subway near the front gate of CUN, so transportation is very convenient.


Campus life and surrounding environment

To airport

 60 minutes

To train station

40 minutes

Exchange  Money

Bank of China (5 minutes by walk)

Remit money

Bank of China





Different minorities’ taste restaurant such as Dai, Mongolian, Korean, etc. (10 minutes by walk )






Shuang An Department, Dang Dai shopping mall, Calfare (10 minutes by bus), Tian Cheng Market(10 minutes by walk), Zhongguancun electronic market (20 minutes by bus)






Beijing Haidian Hospital(15 minutes by bus


Beijing Oral Hospital(Oral Cavity, 10 minutes by walk)






The Library of CUN(on campus)

the Chinese National Library (10 minutes by walk)


Way of remittanceabroad            



Central University of Nationalities


Agricultural Bank of China


Baishiqiao Branch Beijing Branch




15 Zhongguancun South Avenue, Haidian Dist., Beijing, China. 100081