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History Department

Established in 1956, the Department of History is one of the first departments in the Central University for Nationalities (CUN). In its early days, many famous scholars and senior professors, such as Wu Wenzao, Fei Xiaotong, Pan Guangdan, Weng Dujian, Lin Yaohua, Fu Yuehuan and Wang Zhonghan worked here. Their teaching and research has laid foundation for the discipline construction and talent cultivation of the department. After all the efforts made by generations of scholars, the Department of History now has developed into one of the most distinctive and prestigious departments in the CUN.

For over 50 years since its establishment, the department has educated 1958 undergraduates, 158 masters, 37 doctors, 2 postdoctors, 10 international students. 110 and 226 persons have graduated from the Training Class for Postgraduate Courses  and Adult Academic Class  respectively. A great number of excellent ethnic cadres, specialists and scholars graduated from this department have brought great reputation for the university.

The Department of History is a key project in CUN for the “211 Project” -- a governmental plan to strengthen 100 key universities with priority in the 21st century and the “985 Project” --- a governmental plan to financially support 38 universities in China to become the world-class universities. At present, the department provides 1 postdoctoral program (jointly 合作), 2 doctoral programs (Chinese Ethnic History and History of Particular Subjects), 9 master programs (Chinese Ethnic History, Ancient Chinese History, Modern and Contemporary Chinese History, World History, History of Particular Subjects, Historical Theories and History of Historical Science, Studies of Historical Literature, Historical Geography and Archaeology). It contains one National Base for Talent Cultivation and Scientific Research for the Basic Disciplines of Arts  approved by the Ministry of Education of PRC. A complete education system integrating undergraduate, master and doctoral programs has been developed in this department. Each year, there are usually 6 to 8 undergraduate students recommended to key university, such as Peking University, Renmin University of China and Fudan University. More than 40% of undergraduate students will pursue their study in master programs in average.

The Department of History has developed its own features and accomplished great achievement in academic research on fields such as the History of Manchu Language and Qing Dynasty, History of Meng-Yuan Dynasty, History of Liao and Jin Dynasties, Tibetan History, History of Chinese Southern Ethnic Groups, History of Ethnic Relations and Chinese Nation Formation History, among which Chinese Nationality History has been approved as the National Key Discipline.

At present, the department owns a faculty of high quality, high-level academics and meticulous scholarship, which ensures the high quality of the department’s teaching and research. The faculty includes 10 professors, 7 associated professors and 9 lecturers, among whom 19 have doctoral degrees. In addition, the department also owns a management team of high efficiency and high service quality, which ensures the smooth proceeding of the teaching management, administrative management and student administration. The teaching and research division of the department includes Office of Ancient Chinese History, Office of Modern and Contemporary Chinese History, Office of Chinese Nationality History, Office of World History, Institute of Nationality history and Institute of Manchuology. The administrative offices includes Office of Undergraduate Education Administration, Office of Graduate Studies , Office for Communist Party and Youth League and Office of Administration . The Honorable Director of the department is Professor Wang Zhonghan, a famous specialist in Qing and Manchu history studies. Professor Cang Ming is the present Director of the department and Miss Zhou Jiejing is the present Secretary of the Communist Party for the department.