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Foreign Languages College

Introduction to the School of Foreign Languages

School of Foreign Languages of CUN has a history of 50 years. Its predecessor was the Section of Foreign Languages founded in 1956. In February 1986, the foreign language department was established, and in 1987 began enrolling undergraduate English majors. Since 1992, it began to enroll undergraduate Russian Majors. In December 2002, the foreign language department was cancelled and the School of Foreign Languages was established. In 2004 it began enrolling undergraduate English (translation) majors, Japanese and Italian majors. In 2004 it began to enroll MA candidates of translation in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics.

Currently, SFL has five four-year undergraduate programs, i.e. English Language and Literature, English (translation), Russian (five Central Asian Mandarin), Japanese language and literature, and Korean (translation) five. It bears the mission to teach foreign languages to all the Ph.D., master’s and bachelor’s candidates as public courses. SFL also has a doctoral program and a master’s program of comparative literature and world literature. It enrolls master candidates in translation theory and practice under the specialty of linguistics, and will enroll master and Ph.D. candidates in Comparative Literature and World Literature in 2007.

SFL has a total staff of 96 people, including a doctorate tutor, 21 professors and associate professors, nine Ph.D.s, and 59 MAs. Among the teachers there is an expert who is "entitled to the special government subsidy given by the State Council", one candidate of the country's first "a million talents of the new century project", a national model teacher, a university-level prestigious teacher, and a university-level “Top 10 Teacher”. Some of them hold altogether six positions as part-time directors or above in national societies and research institutes. Moreover, SFL perennially employs nearly 10 foreign teachers.

In SFL, there are 552 students. The English major take up 337 students (205 in the major of English Language and Literature, 132 in the major of English Translation), Russian 89, Japanese 75, and Italian 51. In addition, there are 435 students in the class of double-bachelor’s-degree.

Since 2004, our students have been actively involved in all levels of competitions, and in result won 12 national awards, 14 provincial or municipal awards, and 14 awards between the provincial level and university level. Among the graduates of the last three years, more than 30 were admitted to the Graduate School or as MBA of Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Beihang University, Beijing Jiaotong University, China Foreign Affairs University, University of International Relations, University of International Business and Economics, CUN and some famous foreign universities. The employment rate of our graduates has remained above 85%, ranking SFL one of the top sections in CUN.

SFL has maintained extensive cooperation in education and research at the three levels of university, college and department with the United States, Britain, Japan, Russia, South Korea and other countries. Each year SFL will send more than 10 students to study at New York University (Old Westbury College) of the US, Universite Lyon 3 of France, National Hakesi University of Russia, Gyeonghuigung University of Korea, Gifu Education University of Japan, and other universities abroad.