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Dance School

The Dance School of CUN is one of the key disciplinary bases of national minority arts and the cradle of ethnic dancers. After 50 years of development, the Dance School has become an art center of ethnic dance integrating minority dance education, performance, research, the creation, and under it there are academic programs dance performance, dance education, and professional choreography. The Dance School sets the education of innovative, research, and versatile talents as its mission, and has worked out a way of ethnic dance education rooted in the tradition of folk dance, focused on innovation, and aimed to combine ethnic characteristics and modern style.

The Dance School has a faculty of various nationalities and ages, high competence, and extensive teaching experience. 41 teachers hold senior titles, many of whom enjoy great reputation home and abroad as dance educators, choreographers and nationally acknowledged performing artists.

There are 499 students, including those in secondary school, undergraduate classes and postgraduate classes. Over the years thousands of outstanding ethnic dance choreographers, educators, performers and management talents were educated here and many of them become experts and scholars or outstanding figures in different fields.

The Ethnic Folk Dance of the Dance School is in a leading position home and abroad both in classroom teaching, creation or theatrical performances, and has achieved fruitful results, such as the publication of the minority dance teaching series of "Spirit of the East"; creation of 180 pieces, among which the most representative are "Riot", "Ominous Clouds on Changbai", "Cattle Cradle", "Red River Valley -- Preface", and "Eastward Heroes"; 142 prizes for creation and 224 for performance in years of national "Peach and Plum Cup" Dance Competition, "Lotus Award" competition of Chinese dance, and other various competitions home and abroad. The Dance School often undertakes large-scale domestic performances and has been invited to visit and perform Asian, European, North American countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan for dozens of times. They not only won high praise from the audience because of its distinctive and unique dance style and superb performance. But were also received by Chinese statespeople. In this way, they have earned honor for CUN and made great contributions to the prosperity and development of our minority dance education.