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Continual Education College

The college of Continual Education of CUN was set up in 2000 based on the former Administrators College, Adult Education Office, Correspondence Course Office of Night College and Cadre Training Department. After the establishment of College of Continual Education, it began to carry on a bold and resolute reform on the basis of practical situation and the education experience for more than 50 years, make a comprehensive adjustment on former framework, consummating the continual education management organization and college system and marching towards the aim of the first class college of continual education of China.

The departments of various functions in the college include: Cadre Training Department, College Affair Office, Education Management Office, Art Education Management Office, Enrollment and Training Office, Teaching Material and Tuition Office, Student Management Office, Economics and Management Staff Room, Administration Management Staff Room, Chinese Language Staff Room, Institute of Adult Education, Institute of securities and futures and etc. There are 36 faculty members, 17 full-time teachers and 352 part-time teachers in the college at present, 67.5% of whom are accredited with senior titles and 32.5% with middle-rank titles, therefore forming a teachers team combined with full-time teachers and part-time teachers, the former as the backbone and the latter as the main body.

The change on the specialties of the College of Continual Education is very fast. In accordance with the need of the market economy construction and the characteristics of continual education, the college made a dramatic adjustment and optimization of the specialty structure, and raised the level of some specialties. In the respect of course, some necessary adjustments and reforms were brought into effect, adding some courses closely related with practice, which combine practicability and operationality, and the structure of specialties and the arrangement of courses are further optimized.

Since November 2000, the college has organized the experts of the university to edit the teaching plan of 47 specialties, rewrite or amend 392 teaching programs, compile and publish the “Teaching Program of the college of Continual Education of Central University of Nationalities” (I) and implement it seriously. Nowadays, there are 78 undergraduate and junior college specialties, 50 of which are undergraduate specialties, providing a vast variety of choices for the students.

The College of Continual Education insists on the prior task of culturing the talents of high quality, practical skills and specialty who can meet up with the need of the socialist market economy construction. So far, over 20,000 students have graduated from the college, 1 of them is national leader, more than 10 persons have been once selected as the central committee members, 31 persons have become the cadres of the provincial and ministerial level, and over 380 persons are the cadres of prefectural level and over 5000 persons are cadres of county levels; a lot of people have grown into professor, vice professor, national expert with outstanding contribution, writers, entertainment stars and talents of different fields. These people demonstrate the considerable success of the continual education of University for Nationalities, and their names are shining with the sweat of the teachers of the College of Continual Education.

Now, the College of Continual Education is developing by large jumps. The college scope has turned from 1900 persons of 2000 to more than 1100 persons. The student number of correspondence course and Night College increase over 1000 per year. At the same time, the college of Continual Education also actively propels culture exchange and communication. In order to heighten the teaching level and boost the healthy development of education service of the College of Continual Education, the college of Continual Education of Central University has established the cooperation relationship and signed the agreement of cooperation and communication with Boston University of the United States, Chakasija University of Russia and other prestigious universities, so as to realize the educational resource sharing and provide better educational service for the students of each side.