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Why Study in BISU




Ø The University is one of the first authorized educational units (around 6) to recruit international students

 Ø The University is one of the first authorized HSK exam centers in


Ø The number of our university’s international students ranks the third among those universities affiliated to Beijing Municipal Education Committee

Ø The University has developed and maintained long-term cooperative and exchange relationship with more than 100 universities in US, UK, Japan, Korea, Australia, France, Canada, Germany, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Mexico, Egypt, Syria, Hong Kong, etc.

Ø The University offers overseas students with two types of scholarships funded by Beijing Municipal Government and China National Government respectively

Ø The University has a stable number of international students enrolled every year

Ø The University is easy to reach from other parts of Beijing



International Studies University was founded in 1964 with just 200 students. Since then, it has expanded to more than 10,000 students including over 700 overseas students and has nearly 25 academic departments and research centers.


BISU on video


 You can find out about BISU, the City of Beijing and what our students say about us by watching our video [open in new window].