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Transportation Information
From Beijing Capital International Airport to BLCU

There are three terminals in Beijing Capital International Airport, check the arrival terminal in advance.



Time (Min)

Cost (RMB)






Taxi Locations
T1: outside Gate 3 to 5 on F1
T2: Outside Gate 3 to 7 on F1
T3: Refer to the signs inside the terminal building


1.                     Take airport express to SANYUANQIAO station

2.                     Inter transfer to Line 10 to ZHICHUNLU station

3.                     Inter transfer to Line 13 to WUDAOKOU station, and get off the metro.

4.                     Work about 500m in the east direction is BLCU (details see appendix-1).



Station Locations
Terminal 2: B2 of Parking Garage No. 2
Terminal 3A: F2 of Parking Garage No. 3

Running Hours: 06:35 - 23:10
Interval: 15 minutes

Airport express Web:


1.                     Take airport shuttle Line 5 whose termination is Zhongguancun to Xueyuanqiao

2.                     Take taxi from Xueyuanqiao to BLCU



Tickets Offices 
T1: Gate No. 7 (inside) on F1
T2: Gate No. 9 to No.11 (outside) on F1
T3: exit of Zone A, opposite of the exit of Zone C onF2; next to Gate5, 7&11 on F1

SICAS pick-up




You will be met in the exit area of Terminal, and our staff will be holding the board with the SICAS logo and your name on the back. The waiting time is 1 hour after the arrival time you list above with no more charge needed. Local emergency call 13810165013

*T means Terminal in the table above, e.g. T1 means Terminal 1

1. Banks in Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA)
Banks provide you with deposit and credit card services for RMB and main foreign currencies, and also handle domestic drafts, checks and exchange as well as international exchange, foreign currency exchange, sell and exchange traveler's checks on a commission basis; ATM and automatic exchange machines are available at many locations of terminal buildings.

Terminal 2:

Bank of China:
[Location]    Opposite to Gate No.8 of Domestic Departure Hall on the second floor
[Number]     010-64590393, 010-64590391
China Construction Bank:
[Location]    Opposite to Gate No.8 of Domestic Departure Hall on the second floor
[Number]     010-64590402, 010-64590404
Agricultural Bank of China:
[Location]    Opposite to Gate No.7 of Arrival Hall on the first floor
[Number]     010-64590169

Terminal 3:

Bank of China:
east of T3-C Departure Hall on the fourth floor
China Construction Bank:
west of T3-C Departure Hall on the fourth floor
Bank of Beijing:
east of T3-C Arrival Hall Public Area on the second floor
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China:
west of T3-C Arrival Hall Public Area on the second floor

2. Public Telephone in Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA)

We provide you with multimedia telephones at entries of the terminal buildings and near each boarding gate of departure halls. Each telephone has a special panel, which you can use to receive or send emails and inquire all kinds of information.
IC card sales counters or automatic card sales machines are available near some of the IC telephones. You can also buy IC card from stores in terminal buildings.