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College of Information Science

The College of Information Science of Beijing Language and Culture University was founded in March 2003. It consists of the Department of Computer Science and Technology, the Department of Information Management and Information Systems, and the Center for Language information Processing. The main objectives the college are to foster IT professionals and to do research and development in the area of information processing. The students of this college are featured in solid knowledge base, high proficiency in computer application and strong ability in using English.

The Department of Computer Science and Technology is specialized in computer science and technology and the Department of Information Management in information management and systems. With a top-notched contingent of excellent teachers recruited from both home and abroad, the college takes the full advantage of good English environment in the campus and intensifies its efforts in improving students’ English language proficiency, with some courses using original English textbooks and some teaching even conducted entirely in English, so as to enable students to use English in their specialized fields. Furthermore, the College has signed an agreement with Leiden University of the Netherlands and sends excellent students every year to study in Holland. Meanwhile, the College cooperates with several famous Japanese IT companies in human resources and scientific research. And the College is also a participant in IBM’s College Cooperation Project.

The College is prestigious in its preparation of top talents, who have won excellent results in international and national competitions in mathematical modeling, English and mathematics. And among the first graduates, 25 percent enter post-graduate studies at home or abroad while the majority of them work in Beijing or work for foreign companies and they are very popular among employers.

The Center for Language Information processing was founded in 1987. It is the first institute which takes Chinese processing as its main research field in China. It is dedicated to the research on the theories of computational linguistics and information processing oriented to Chinese linguistics, developing key technology of natural language processing and knowledge bases, as well as developing relative tools and utility software in order to support teaching of Chinese as a second language and the study of the language itself and promote social informatization. The center admits post-graduate applicants pursuing master’s degree and doctor’s degree on computer application and applied linguistics. And the Center also enrolls students who want to pursue advanced studies from all over the world. It is committed to the integrated development of all disciplines related and fostering advanced professionals who master both the theory and technology of natural language processing.
The College has undertaken more than a dozen scientific research projects, including those supported by the National Natural Science Funds, the State 863 Plan and MOE’s research program on some key scientific and technology issues. Up to now the faculty has published scores of papers and several textbooks. Some of the research results, for example, on Chinese participles, information search, language nature search, voice synthesis and recognition, knowledge retrieval, computer-aid language learning, are on the leading level domestically and internationally, and some have already been successfully commercialized. Moreover, the recent research on data mining has already yielded quite a few published papers.