College of Advanced Chinese Training

The College of Advanced Chinese Training is an offical institution specializing in long-term Chinese Training for overseas students. Its programmes include further Chinese training for foreign students, Preparatory Chinese training (for students whose future majors are natural science, engineering, agronomy and medicine etc.), associate degree and mandarin training for overseas Chinese and people from Hong Kong,Macao and Taiwan.

The college has two departments and one training center:elementary Chinese training department,intermediary and advanced Chinese training department and mandarin training center. The Programmes provided by the College are aimed at improving the learners'communicative skills in Chinese,deepening their understanding of Chinese history,culture and China's status quo,and enabling them to become personnel of good language proficiency and high competitiveness. In addition, the College has a research institute conducting research on long-term training for overseas students and other related fundamental issues.

The college has nearly 80 teaching staff including over 30 professors and associate professors, and more than 40 lecturers. They have been long engaged in teaching Chinese to overseas students and doing Research in this field. Due to the rich teaching experience they possess and the significant research results they have achieved, they always enjoy great popularity among international students. The Chinese textbook series they complied are best sellers worldwide and the first choice of those who want to learn Chinese and Chinese culture. Every year nearly 10 teachers are invited to lecture or conduct research in Hong Kong,Macao and abroad.

In order to meet the new training needs of the market and stressing on the long-term feature of its training base, The college has implemented various teaching reforms,which includes:establishing new teaching modes and curriculums adjustment. Meanwhile, the College is carrying out  fundamental and experimental research. Based on its  strengths as  an offcial institution providing long-term Chinese training, the College is determined to become the teaching and research center for the sustainable development of teaching Chinese to overseas students.