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College of Chinese Languages studies

The College of Chinese Studies, Beijing Language and Culture University, was the first teaching institution in China to provide degrees for overseas students and is a major component of the university. The College focuses on teaching Chinese language and Chinese culture to overseas students studying here for their bachelor degrees.

The College has four departments: the Department of the Chinese Language, the Department of Business and Trade Chinese, the Department of Chinese Culture, and the Department of Bilingual Education and Translation. It offers 8 majors: Chinese Language, Chinese Instruction(as a second language), Mass Media Chinese, Business and Trade Chinese, Chinese Culture, the Bilingual Program (Chinese & English), Japanese-Chinese Translation and Korean-Chinese Translation. These programs are aimed at equipping the students with proficient Chinese language skills, and with a solid understanding of China and its people, ensuring their versatility and adaptability in their future endeavors. Upon completing a degree, they will be able to possess both language and professional skills. Every year over 1,600 students come to study from more than 60 different countries and areas. By 2004, over 3,000 students had completed their degree education and been awarded graduation certificates and BA degrees by the College of Chinese Studies.

There are over 110 instructors in the College, including 44 professors and associate professors, 56 lecturers and 5 teaching assistants, over 20 of which have doctoral degrees and 45 of which have master’s degrees. They are professional teachers and researchers of many fields including Chinese Language, Chinese Literature, Linguistic Studies, Chinese Philosophy, Chinese History, Chinese Business and Economics, English, Japanese and Korean. Our instructors have a broad range of experiences, lecturing and researching both internationally and domestically. Through the years they have garnered prestige and influence in their related fields; their achievements include the General Teaching Syllabus for College Education of Chinese, the Curriculum Norms and a series of textbooks for overseas students studying Chinese for a B.A. degree.

To meet the new trends in disciplinary development, the changing needs of the international recruitment market, and the changed profile of overseas students, The College is implementing a reform program on its educational modes, course content and course management systems. With the spirit of development and innovation, the College is determined to establish itself as one of the top international institutes for overseas students pursuing B.A. degrees, to become the first choice for those who want to study Chinese language and culture, and continue to be the prime research center for the teaching of Chinese to overseas students.