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Why Study in NEPU

Northeast Petroteum University is one of China’s National Key Universities.The university is a dedicated center of engineering studies and research,which also offers courses in many other disciplines including science,business administration,literature,law and education.NEPU was in the first batch of universities that qualified the Educational Department of the people’s Republic of China’s requirements to offer admissions to international students.It’s high level Key University of Heilongjiang.Northeast Petroleum University’s main campus located in Daqing,Heilongjiang province,along with its branch campus located in Qinghuangdao,Hebei Province.

Daqing is the city of national civilization and the charm of China.Daqing city has a beautiful enviroment and convenient transportation.It is Known as’ the green oil capital,the natural hundreds of Lakescity,the hometown of hot springs in north China.’Daqing is the location of the largest oil field in China and the Daqing oilfield,one of the ten largest oil fields in the world.It is a famous industrial city with petroleum and petrochemical industry as its pillar industry.