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Why Study in NCWU

Reasonable layout of disciplines and majors. 

After 67 years’ construction and development, NCWU has become a multidisciplinary comprehensive public university characterized by water resources and engineering as the backbone programs. There are 64 full-time undergraduate programs, including 9 national and provincial excellence program construction disciplines, 15 national and provincial comprehensive reform pilot disciplines, and 17 national and provincial outstanding disciplines with distinguishing feature. NCWU has 14 provincial level key disciplines, the authority to confer doctoral degrees in 3 primary disciplines, the authority to confer doctoral degrees in 19 secondary disciplines, and also has the authority to confer master’s degrees in 19 primary disciplines, 10 categories of professional master's degree, and 17 master's degree authorization points.

Remarkable educational achievements. 

The school enrolls students nationwide except Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan provinces. It has an enrollment of more than 31000 full time students, including undergraduates, graduate students. Since its establishment,theuniversity has cultivated nearly200,000 advanced professional engineering and management talents, nearly 20 alumni, including the ministers of China’s national ministries, generals of Chinese army and provincial leaders; the National MoralModel Winner Wu Xinfen, Meng Ruipeng, who got more than 10 honorary titles, such as the Fifth National Moral Model Nomination Award, the National Outstanding College Student Award, the National Excellent Communist Youth League Member Award, etc., Yugo Award Winner Liu Cixin, and An Shaohua , who set up "China Blue Sky Rescue Team" and other outstanding alumni. They manifest NCWU’s talent cultivation spirit that is "Humble, Hard-working, Persistent, Practical and Excel."

Teacher staff continuously grows.

In order to implement the strategy of talent strengthening university and enriching faculty staff members, NCWU, in particular, honorably has academicians of Wang Fuming, Wang Hao, Zhou Fengjun, Wang Guangqian, Xia Jun and so forth from CAE (China’s Academy of Engineering) as bilateral contractual professors. NCWU has a strong working staff of 2,111individuals. Among them, there are 1,564 are teaching faculties, 215of which are professors, and 674are teachers with doctoral degrees. NCWU has 3 teachers nominated in National Key Talents Project, 1 Yangtze Scholar, 1 nominated in National Thousand Talents Plan, 3 national model teachers, and 42 provincial experts, provincial technological leaders, provincial outstanding teachers and excellent teachers.

Impressive Scientific research. In resent five years, NCWU has hosted and participated more than 1,800 research projects of different academic categories with a scientific research fund of nearly 700 million RMB. It has published over 5,200 papers on the core academic journals, 3,200 of which have been included in SCI, SSCI, CSSCI, and EI as their indexes. Moreover, the university has published more than 400 academic books and won 600 scientific awards of different levels and sorts. Among these prizes, 5 of them are National Science Progress Award, over 140 are Provincial Scientific Award. NCWU stands the top rankings of Henan higher education involving prizes one’s ever triumphed.

Remarkable achievements in social service. NCWU has made remarkable achievements in social service and enjoys renowned reputation and influence in the same domestic industry. NCWU has trained more than 30,000 professional and technical talents, training and supervision staff of more than 60,000 people for the water conservancy, power industry and local economic construction. The university owned enterprises, North China Water Conservancy and Hydropower Supervision Co. Ltd., Henan, has won Guangdong Provincial Grand Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award and the National Quality Engineering Award for Dongjiang- Shenzhen Water Supply Project; TheSurvey Design and Research Company who is responsible for the design of membrane structure of the Convention and Exhibition Center in Hainan, Sanya, has earned high evaluation from both domestic and foreign counterparts. NCWU has undertaken more than 100 research and development projects, including "Silo Cave", which was successfully selected to be the national intangible cultural heritage project. During the year of 2008 when a magnitude of 8.0 earthquake hit Wenchuan, NCWU sent 10 experts to successfully complete the reinforcement of small and medium reservoirs. Those projects have become one of the sample reconstruction projects in Jiangyou city ever since.

Broad prospect of international cooperation. NCWU has a long history of international cooperation. NCWU has begun to enroll overseas students since 1958, and provided assistance to the construction of Vietnam University of Water Resources and Electric Power. In recent years, NCWU paid more attention to international cooperation and communication, implemented an open minded schooling strategy, and constantly improved the quality of education and internationalization. Moreover, NCWU has signed cooperation agreements and had cooperation with Swinburne University of Technology, University Nice Sophia Antipolis, Teesside University, Keimyung University, Ural Federal University and the other famous universities. NCWUhas actively integrated itself into the HigherEducation Communication and Cooperation System of BRICS, and become the leading university in BRICS NU on the field of water resources and pollution control and energy. NCWU has constructed “BRICS NU · Water Engineering and Energy Research Center” with Ural Federal University, has constructed “China and Russia High Speed Railway Research Center” with St. Petersburg National Chiao Tung University, and has also constructed “Logistics Engineering Research Center” with Korea University of Inhok. NCWU-Ural Institute, the first cooperative institution of BRICS NU system, has approved by Ministry of Education. It is also a great breakthrough of educational opening-up of Henan.

Colorful campus culture. NCWU pays a great attention to students' art education and has been selected as Henan Provincial A Class University of Art Education for four consecutive sessions, the Excellent Organized Unit of College Students' Science and Technology Festival for nine consecutive sessions , the Advanced Unit of the National Art Education in 2010 , the Advanced Unit of Summer Vacation Social Practicing Activities for consecutive 20 years, the Award of the 8th  Excellent Organization of Chinese volunteer in 2010, the First Rank of Excellent Campus' Cultural Construction's for two consecutive sessions and the Second Rank in 2012, and the May Fourth Flag Youth League Committee in 2015.In 2016 , 2 of the youth league branches won the National Active League Branch, and college's league committee won the Excellent Organized Unit in the social practicing activity called "Three Time in Village in the Screen "sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. In 2017, the Youth League Committee in NCWU won the honor as the “Outstanding Unit of the ‘Three Going to the Countryside’ Social Practice Activity of the Summer College Student Volunteers” , and the “Outstanding Organization Unit of the National Student Summer Social Practice Program of the ‘Silk Road New World-Youth Chinese Dream’ in Henan Province”, “Outstanding Unit of ‘Extraordinary Central China-Education Poverty Alleviation Revolutionary Area Trip’ for Doctoral Student Social Practice” , Winsake Cup for the  “13th Challenge Cup Henan College Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Work Contest” in 2017, “Outstanding Organizational Unit for Henan Province ‘One Belt One Road New Road, Jointly Build China Youth Dream’ Theme Speech Contest”, the honorary title as the ”Advanced Collective Henan Province Railway Spring Festival Volunteer Service” in 2017. The themed educational activity, that is “Converging Modeling Power, Collecting Youth Energy-Praise and Learn from Ruipeng”, has won the 1st prize for the achievements in the construction of campus culture.

Persistently promoted social reputation. NCWU campus has been awarded successively as “Advanced Collective of Water Conservancy Science and Technology”, “The Outstanding Units for National Higher Education Undergraduate Teaching Work Level”, ”National Education Advanced Unit”, “Advanced Collective of Employment of College Graduates Nationwide”, “National Education System Discipline Inspection and Surveillance Advanced Units”. For three consecutive times, NCWU has been regarded as” Provincial Civilized Unit” and also has been awarded as “The Unit of Provincial Civilization”. In recent years, we also have the honor to get these designations, like “The Most Employable 10 Henan Education Card”, “The Excellent Organization College Award from The Best Organization for College Students Employment”, “The National Graduate Employment 50 Typical Experienced Universities”. According to the report, “the Employment, Early Warning and Key Industry Talent Supply for College Graduates in Henan Province”, which was released in 2013 at the third party authoritative data organization.” NCWU was in the first place among the colleges and universities which have employment competitiveness in Henan Province. In 2014, according to the survey from NBS (National Bureau of Statistics), NCWU campus ranks the top in the test of employer’s assessment of graduate satisfaction in 71 undergraduate colleges and universities participating in the survey. In 2015, NCWU was identified as “The First Batch of University Student Demonstration Bases in Henan Province”, and was regarded as “The Innovative Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base in Henan Province”. In 2016, our campus was awarded as “The Top 10 Most Competitive Universities” and “The Most Influential Model Universities”. NCWU was among “TOP 100 National University for Graduates Competitiveness” in 2017.