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About SPU

Shenyang Pharmaceutical University (SPU), situated in the city of Shenyang, has been known for its long history and leadership role in China’s pharmaceutical academic field. From the time it was founded in 1931 as the Red Army Health School until now, the university has developed into a comprehensive Pharmaceutical University, owning three campuses and covering a total of 1,434,500 square meters.

SPU has 20 undergraduate programs, 5 of which are national characteristic specialties. 58 programs are entitled to the conferment of master’s degrees (with another 4 professional degree conferring entitlements) and 21 programs are entitled to the conferment of doctoral degrees. Besides, the university has two post-doctoral research stations, Pharmacy and Traditional Chinese Pharmacy. The discipline of pharmaceutics is one of the national key disciplines, while the discipline of pharmacy and traditional Chinese pharmacy is among the list of provincial key disciplines. According to ESI 2016, the university ranks 89 nationwide and 1601 worldwide. Three disciplines--pharmacology, toxicology and pharmaceutics--win the first at home and remain top 1% across the world.