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Why Study in QUT

QLUT now has more than 3,000 full-time teachers and scientific researchers, among which there are over 1,100 Professors and associate professors and 37 doctoral student supervisors and 570 master student supervisors.There are 20 schools at QLUT including School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, School of Paper-making and Plant Resources Engineering, School of Leather Chemistry and Engineering, School of Food Science and Engineering, School of Biological Engineering, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, School of Business Administration, School of Art, etc... And there are 12 R&D institutes including Oceanographic Instrumentation Institute, Laser Research Institute, Computing Center , Analysis and Test Center, Automation Research Institute, Energy Research Institute, New Material Research Institute, Biology Research Institute, Institute for Development Strategy of Science and Technology, Information Research Institute, Sino-Japanese Friendly Bio-technology Research Institute, and New and Hi-tech Industrial Base (Mid-experimentation). The key research fields cover information technology, bio-engineering technology, new materials, new energy & energy-saving technology, automation technology, laser technology, intelligent instrument, analysis and test, fine chemicals and soft science, etc.