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City: Changchun Normal University City Mapmap Changchun
University Tier: Ordinary National
International Students: 200
StudentsTotal: 19,000
SICAS Stars:
Accommodation: On campus
Postcode: 130032
Address: map No. 677 Changji North Road, Changchun, Jilin 130032
Agency Number:
SICAS Comments
The Changchun Normal University has always adhered to the spirit of the school motto of "the endless learning and the conduct of the teachers". According to the strategic thinking of "discipline driven, characteristic prominence, connotation development, and innovation driven", the core of the teacher education is to cultivate the applied talents of excellent teachers and social needs in basic education, and to carry out international exchanges and cooperation. Efforts should be made to build the school into a well-known and provincial first-class teaching and comprehensive provincial key university in China.

The school has always attached importance to the internationalization of education, attaches importance to the exchange and cooperation of foreign education, and established Confucius Institute in the University of La spa MAS in Spain. With Japan, Australia, Russia, Spain, France, the United States, Canada, South Korea and other more than a dozen countries and institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions have established friendly cooperation and exchange relations. So far, a total of nearly 200 foreign experts and scholars have been invited to teach in schools. In recent years, teachers have sent teachers abroad to study and study abroad, carry out international academic exchanges and carry out a number of major cooperation studies, which have promoted the construction and development of the school, and expanded the influence of the school and the international popularity.

The school sends nearly 100 students to the country every year, and recruits students from over 20 countries and regions to study.

At present, our international students mainly come from Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Zimbabwe, Korea, Canada and other countries. The students are mainly undergraduates, language students, Confucius college, and Jilin provincial government scholarship student (graduate student).
Course Degree
Elementary Courses (,Long-Term Chinese Training Program) Non-Degree English 09.2022 07 31, 2022 13000 150
Intermediate class (Intermediate Chinese Training Courses) Non-Degree English 09.2022 07 31, 2022 13000 150
Advanced Class (Long-Term Chinese Language Training Program) Non-Degree English 06.2022 07 31, 2022 13000 150