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Youngstown university is visiting our school

On the morning of June 10, Dr. Nate myers, vice provost of Youngstown university of the United States, and three of them visited our school. Qi xin, vice President of the school, the international cooperation and exchange department, the academic affairs department, the relevant personnel of the school of electrical and computer received visiting foreign guests in the administrative building A318. At the meeting, qi xin delivered a welcome speech to the visiting foreign guests on behalf of the school. He expressed the hope that through exchange of high-level visits, teacher exchanges and other forms of the cooperative school project implementation of the early preparation work. Dr. Nate myers expressed his heartfelt gratitude to jilin jianzhu university for its warm reception and briefed the Chinese delegation on the basic situation of Youngstown university. Subsequently, the two sides on behalf of our school and the young, state university of electrical engineering and its automation professional cooperation in running schools project training scheme, teaching outline, teaching mode and in-depth exchange of views on teacher training, etc. After the meeting, the visiting foreign guests visited the laboratory of the school of electrical and computer science and the apartment of the school's foreign experts, accompanied by the international cooperation and exchange office and the relevant principals of the school of electrical and computer science.