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The second "stay in China - a trip to China for international students in the sun sports culture" jilin province audition competition was launched in our school

"Leave China" for the implementation of the project is the ministry of education of the national medium and long-term education reform and development plan outline (2010-2020), "the spirit, conscientiously implement the study in China plan, rich cultural life of students in China, and optimize the environment of study abroad, creating famous brand, the foreign student's activity influence and improve the students hold large activities. Through the window of "leave move China" activities, fully display the spirit of students in China and the enterprising spirit, expand the social influence who come to work, to enhance students sense of identity and blend in Chinese society, make foreign students brand activities.

The second "stay in China - a trip to China for international students in the sunshine sports culture" jilin province selection contest was launched in our school on June 2. Jilin provincial selection contest is sponsored by the ministry of education, organized by the China university sports association, and co-organized by jilin provincial education department and jilin university of architecture.

This year's "stay in China" trials in jilin province consist of teams from 14 sister colleges and universities in jilin province, including three pairs of orienteering, basketball and sports art exhibition. Act in an opera in activity plays, adhering to the sports culture, team cooperation, the concept of Chinese and foreign fusion, directional cross-country fun is dye-in-the-wood, three on three basketball fascinating fierce, sports art show is combining culture and art, three games each have different, challenging and entertaining.