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The Sudden Rain Did not Lessen Enthusiasm of International Students from all around China to Show Their Talents and Skills at Jilin Jianzhu University

On June 2nd,Over one hunderd international students gathered at Jilin Jianzhu University ,where they enthusiastically took part in the orienteering competitions in spite of the bad weather. The whole competition has set up 9 barriers such as skipping,push-ups,and small written examination. Although the Chinese culture is not very familiar to these young people, they have brought into play their talents and skills normally and stably.

It is reported that this competition held in Jilin Province is one part of "Study in China-A Happy Trip of Sports and Culture for International Students in China  ",a big event launched by Ministry of Education.International students from universities around Jilin Province  braved the thundershower and take part in this competition to fully integrate into universities and the big family-China.

After the end of the competition,most international students thought it was a real good chance to learn more about Chinese culture and they enjoyed it  very much.