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About WSU

WSU covers an area of more than 120 hectares. Its many sports facilities, such as, the Asian Boating Training Center, Sports Training and Testing Center, internet facility and others ,which serve the varied needs of competitive sports. At WSU, there are all kinds of indoors and outdoors sports buildings, class-- rooms buildings, and advanced research facilities. Furthermore, books in the library are up to more than 970,000 volumes.
Among WSU’s faculty, there are a number of experts and trainers who are well known in China and abroad. Altogether, WSU has a staff of 812, of which over 500 are professional teachers and coaches. And, of these, over 60 are professors, researchers and national coaches; 165 are associate professors; 3 posts are for Chutian Scholar visiting professors; 10 are Hubei Outstanding Contributions Experts; 10 experts get the subsidy of the State Council and provincial government.