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Welcome to the Journey of SMU Language Corner 2017

 After weeks’ preparation,  the idea of Language Corner was finally transformed into a tangible event on October 27th , which met with a lot of positive reception.



The event was comprised of three activities, each requiring teamwork between Chinese and International students. The first one was all about interactions between the two groups, the second dealt with Pictionary, and the third was a quiz competition. From introducing friends in Chinese or English, they started the journey of bonding. By attempting to draw pictures on the blackboard blind-folded, and mulling over for the right answer to a quiz question, the two different groups got to know each other better and better .



Students who participated were from different majors: clinical medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, hospital management, and even Ph.D. courses. The diverse range of topics on health and medicine have definitely created a platform for them. There’s nothing better than the opportunity to exchange different opinions, ideas and wisdom in the realm of medicine.



At end of the event, it was evident that the participants want to see and experience more of it in the future. Let’s look forward to more language-based activities in the month of Culture Festival, and  hope that each will be as memorable as the first one.