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why study in SMU

A key medical university authorized by the Department of Education

Southern Medical University, the former First Military Medical University, was founded in October 1951 and notarized as one of the premier medical universities in 1978. At present, the university has been authorized by the Department of Education as a key medical university.

First-class garden-like university

The university has been awarded the first-class garden-like university, for rows of green trees nourish and bouquets of flowers blossom on the campuses all through a year. 

A large group of outstanding medical talents and a team of ideally-structured faculty

 Southern Medical University takes pride of the faculties. At present, working on its campus are a large group of well-know experts and professors

Strong in teaching and scientific research

 Southern Medical University goes strong in teaching and scientific research. By now the university has gained 1 first-grade prize and 2 second-grade prizes of State Excellent Teaching Achievement Award, plus 7 first-grade prizes of Military Excellent Teaching Achievement Award. The university is ranked on the top among the medical universities and colleges in China in view of the number of research projects and the prizes. 

From military system to the civilian one 

Southern Medical University flourishes along with its handover from the military system to the civilian one. Its 7 affiliated hospitals are Nanfang Hospital, Zhujiang Hospital, Hua'nan Hospital, Nanhua Hospital, Stomatology Hospital, Pingxiang Hospital and Jiangdu Hospital, 6 of which have been appraised as “First-Class Hospitals at Grade III”.  


Characterized by its 4 preponderant subject groups 
Southern Medical University is characterized by its 4 preponderant subject groups: combination of medicine, science and engineering, combination of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, bio-high-tech and tropical medicine.