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The 2nd International Culture Festival grandly opened!

 International Culture Festival began grandly with the much-loved Fun Games Event on November 3rd, 2017 on the playground. The weather was just perfect and everyone could feel the positivity as the students arrived with enthusiasm and joy.



The event started with the Dean of  School of International Education and the Guest of Honour, Vice President of the University, delivering speeches. As the Vice President announced the beginning of the 2nd Culture Festival, confetti, applause and hooray were filled in the air.

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There were two games including the relay race and tug-of-war. The relay race was consisted of four mini races: Race of strength, Wheelbarrow Race, 3 Legged race and the Sprint. The Game saw a lot of cheering and excitement as the various teams competed to finish the race in the least amount of time.


The Tug-of–war are matches that help us understand the strength of students as a team. After several rounds for both boys and girls, 2013 batch teams were declared the winners of Tug of war.

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Since this was the last time 2013 batch would be participating in the fun games, They were very thrilled and emotional when they got to know they were the winners in all the events of these Fun Games.


The Purpose of the Fun Games was to provide a healthy and fun interaction between all the international students that come from diverse backgrounds and with different traits. It is also a great way to provide a medium for the students to relax from their hectic study schedules.


Prashant from 2013 batch said, “ These are the most memorable years of my life in SMU. I will always remember events like this when the entire batch was united as one.”

Vedant from 2017 batch said, “This is my first event in the university. I’m glad to be here.”


Under the hot sun, with the cheerful music, the international students had a great time with all the staffs of School of International Education. Let all of us look forward to the upcoming activities of International Culture Festival.