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Why study in Inner Mongolia University

Inner Mongolia Medical University (IMMU) is located in Hohhot, the Capital of Inner Mongolia, which is a well-structured, multi-disciplined medical university.

IMMU consists of three campuses of Jinshan, Xinhua and Xilin, and covers an area of 1,230,141 square meters with a floor area of 453,591 square meters, which includes 295,079 square meters of teaching and administration building. The university has 1,350,000 copies of books and documents.

There are 14,574 full-time students, which consists of 10,390 undergraduate students and 2,918 junior college students, 1,299 master and 77 foreign students. IMMU enrolls students from 27 provinces and autonomous regions every year.

IMMU gathers many prominent professors. There are 850 full-time faculties, including 182 professors and 235 associate professors of whom 407 are Master supervisors and 16 part-time doctoral supervisors. 170 of these teachers have doctor’s degrees, 394 have master’s degrees. The percentage of Full-time teachers with master’s degrees and postgraduate qualification are 66.35%. Other important facts and figures of faculty are as follows: 61 experts who receives special government allowance from the State Council, 29 young experts who make outstanding contribution to the autonomous region and the country, one second level candidate of national “New Century Talents Project”, 49 first and second level candidates of regional “The New Century 321 Talents Project”, 9 first and second level candidates of regional “111 Talents Project”, 3 regional outstanding teachers, 13 regional meritocrats in the grassland, one regional model in the respect of teacher’s morality, 6 regional prominent teachers, 3 regional excellent teachers, 4 regional promising young teachers. It also has built one national teaching team and 4 regional ones. The famous expert of Mongolian Medicine, Professor Su Rong Zarb, won the national honorary title of “the Master of Chinese Culture”.

The motto of IMMU is erudition, virtue, integrity and benevolence. As a local medical university, it has formulated the idea on administrating the university, namely, equally stressing on integrity and ability, and attracting talents, and will dedicate itself to cultivating medical advanced applied professionals, carrying out the research of medical science, serving the society, and promoting the social development.