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Why Study in HHU

Hohai University is a state key university under the direct administration of Ministry of Education of China. It is a comprehensive university with research and study of water conservancy as its main task, education of engineering subjects as its first priority, and coordinated development of many other disciplines covering engineering, science, economics, management, liberal arts, and law. . It is also among the group of universities to benefit from Project 211.
Hohai University has 3383 faculty and staff members, including 1007 teachers having high academic title, 333 PhD supervisors and 12 academicians invited as professors and PhD supervisors. The faculty in the university is noted for its excellence, vitality and diversity, for example, 2 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 6 as the member of the National Thousand Leading Scientist Program, 5 eminent professors and 1 professional lecturer under the Yangtze scholarship, 3 achieved National Teaching Masters Award, 6 awarded the Outstanding Young Scientist Fund, 14 selected as young and middle-aged leading scientists above provincial and ministerial level, 8 faculty members entitled National Talent in the ‘New Century Baiqianwan Talent Program’, 15 winners of Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education,75 as leading scientists in the ‘333 High-Level Talent Training Program’ of Jiangsu Province, 95 nominated as leading academic scholars in ‘Qinglan Program’ of Jiangsu Province, 6 achieved Jiangsu Teaching Masters Award.
The faculty is well organized into groups for various disciplines whose main body is composed of young and middle-aged doctorate experts. Furthermore, colleges are cooperating with more than 10 famous foreign universities to run PhD programs for mutual cultural benefits and internationalization of graduate student education.