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 SICAS will take you into four well-known and prosperous cities in China .
Beijing, the capital of China ;
Weifang, the most potential city for splendid development;
Qingdao, the best place on earth for human living;
Shanghai, the world-class metropolitan;
 Spot Admission. Guarantee: 20 Top Chinese university admission officer will attend the spot admission meeting organized by SICAS. 95% guarantee for an Admission for every SICAS’ student.
 Spot interviews and paper exams to you to decide whether you are qualified to be admitted by which university, or if you can get an scholarship.
 Face to face Q&A  with the Admission Officers of the 20 top universities
 enjoy the campus view of these universities (e.g. the school library, school classroom, dining hall and school dormitory)
 attend the popular classes for international students covering following majors in Top universities
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