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Overseas Students Visited Construction Site of Metro Line 2

To get students from different countries in the world to understand the current situation of China's railway development and Shijiazhuang's future urban planning, as an important content of the entrance education for the freshmen of foreign students, School of International Education organized the international students enrolled in spring to visit the construction site of the Tiedao University Station, Shijiazhuang metro line 2 in March 10th, 2018.

In the construction site, the international students received a warm reception from the Construction Project Department of China Railway NO.10 Engineering Group. Minister Li of the Project Engineering Department led the international students to visit the construction of the ground and underground tunnels. He also introduced the structure design, construction progress and construction process of Tiedao University Station to the students. The construction process of the shield machine, the installation connection of the subway prefabricated tube and the grouting technology are emphatically explained. Mr. Feng Huaiping, who was in charge of the teaching of civil engineering in our university, accompanied the tour, and carried out the translation for international students. The students were in high spirits and exchanged discussions with the relevant construction technology management cadres on the problems of large machinery and high-speed rail speed, such as the shield machine.

Through on-site observation and communication, the international students have a preliminary understanding of the construction technology and advanced management mode of Chinese subway engineering, and stimulate their interest in learning professional knowledge, and have a good orientation for the next four years' learning.