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Welcome Conference for International Students of class 2014

On November 26, 2014, the Welcome Conference for international students of class 2014 was convened in the lecture room on the third floor, Youth Court. Secretary of the party committee,President Wang Yuesen, and Vice President Rong Fei attended the conference and gave the prizes to 2013-2014 annual scholarship winners. Director of the International Office, Bai Zili presided over the conference and representatives of teachers and students delivered speeches respectively. There were nearly one hundred people attending the conference, including the leaders of international students’ training units, related offices, and international students.

On behalf of the staffs, President Wang Yuesen showed warm welcome and heartfelt congratulations to the freshmen from Bangladesh, Algeria, Pakistan, Persia Vannes, Ethiopia Ghana, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, South Africa, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, India, Zambia, Japan and other countries. In his speech, President Wang Yuesen reviewed the history of the university and its achievements in teaching, research and other areas in recent years. And at the same time, he made a fervent hope to all the international freshmen that all students from different countries could study science and culture knowledge seriously, could have a good relationship with teachers and students of Tiedao University could study and understand Chinese culture, respecting teachers, helping each other and obey the rules. He also hoped that the students could study hard and be good at learning, and constantly improve their professional knowledge and skills to become useful talents for their country and society. What is more, he hoped that the international students could build up their physical strengths, learn to take care of their own life, and get along with other students with mutual tolerance and harmony, hoping they can be the spreader of human civilization and a unique scenery of Tiedao University when they share their own cultures to other students and staffs with the immersion and indulgence of Chinese ones.

Teachers’ representative Xu Qian from information institution and international students’ representative Hridoy delivered speeches. They encouraged freshmen to study Chinese and professional knowledge, meanwhile, they expressed their love for Tiedao University.