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News of Shijiazhuang Tiedao University

Professor Zhang Zhanmin from Texas University Visited Our University 

On June 23, the doctor Zhang zhanmin who is the professor of civil engineering, architecture and environment department in Austin campus of texas university had an academic visit for our university. The vice president Rong fei presented the letter of appointment to professor Zhang.

The doctor Zhang had an academic report named “valuation of transportation infrastructure assets” in academic hall in emergency support center. He introduced the background of assessment of transport infrastructure assets of America and the classification of tangible assets and intangible assets. He analyzed the advantages and applicability of the traditional method assessment of transport in assets in detail, and brought a productive realized value method which was explained by example of Mopac freeway in Austin. The doctor Zhang linked with the cutting-edge issue of Austin infrastructure research when he answered the question raised by the teachers and students. He pointed that America and other developed countries faced the infrastructure asset management problems. If china finish the infrastructure build, China will face the same problem. The report arose the great interest to the teachers and students. The hundreds of teachers and students listened it.

Professor Zhang Zhanmin researched on the science and engineering for a long time. He is the president of infrastructure systems committee in American society of southwestern university transportation research center in American department of energy and as the distinguished expert of “hundred talents” in Shan xi province.

Zhang Zhanmin was awarded the James Laurie of society of civil engineers of America in 2012. He also undertook and hosted more than 40 research programs in recent 5 years and achieved more than 10 millions research funding. He also published 170 papers and had much more than 120 times speech in international meeting.