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A&F Launched the 1st English Cultural Festival and Singing Contest

In the evening of May,18th, organized by Northwest A&F University Office of Educational Administration, Youth League Committee, Department of Foreign Languages and English Club, the 1st English cultural festival and the English song contest was held at the Xiushan activity center on north campus. More than 1000 teachers and students attended the festival, including the executive vice president Zhao Zhong, the principals from relevant offices and departments, and overseas students from U.S. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

A&F students actively took part in the activity, and over 90 teams from different departments applied for participating in the contest. Through the preliminary contest and the intermediary heat, 12 teams were qualified to the finals. At the final, 12 teams took their turn respectively, and players’ opening show began.The contest was divided into two parts: first one was player’s own choice song, and the second was one-one competition.  The synthesis score of the two parts would be the final score. Except the professional judges, there was a public judges of 30 students from different departments.Gao Chenxin from the Department of Forestry won the outstanding award, Xu Cheng and Group Glee from the Department of Innovation won the first prize, Group The Double, Wang Keyue and Mo Hanqin won the second prize, and Zhang Wenxi, Ma Ji, group MS.MAGIG, Xu Jiaqi, Ouyang Linke and Li Rui won the third prize. In addition, Gao Chenxi was also rewarded the Best Popularity Award and Best Stage Style Award, and the award for best foreign language went for Xu Cheng.