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CUG Held 2014 Graduation Ceremony


On the morning of June 25th, China Univerity of Geosciences (CUG )held 2014 graduation ceremony in the playground of Western Campus, in which academicians Zhao Pengdam, Yin Hongfu, and Zhenmin, leader of Hubei military region Liu Jianxin, and CUG school leaders Hao Xiang, Wang Yanxin, Zhu Qinwen, Fu Anzhou, Tang Huiming, Lai Xulong, Hao Fang, Wang Hua, Wan Qingxiang as wellas the main officers of the related departments.



CUG deputy Party Secretary Fu Anzhou presided over the ceremony.



CUG President Wang Yanxin made a speech, in which he said that all the graduations should hold the right power to open their new life in society.Wang Yanxin expressed that no matter where those graduation went, nothing would change for “Alma matter will sustain her love to all of you, keep watch your hiking, and look forward for your return.”