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On-campus lodging:
a. Apartments for International Students is comprised of 54 standard rooms, 12   two-room apartments. It can accommodate a total of 120 international students.
b. Lodging procedures:
  • Students can apply in the office of School of International Education.
  • booking a room: International students can book their rooms through telephone, fax, and e-mails.
c. Room fess (per day / per person/ per bed in RMB Yuan)
Standard room (two beds): 25 Yuan
Apartment (two beds): 40 Yuan
Off-campus lodging:
Hefei is among the first cities to be opened to the outside world and admit off-campus lodging to foreign students. Since 1995 when the practice started, due to proper management, international students have not involved themselves in any serious events related to public order. The present room charge in Hefei is about 500 Yuan a month (two bedrooms with living room, washroom and kitchen).