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International students studying in BRCIC must purchase insurance in China in accordance with the relevant regulations of the People's Republic of China and the requirements of BRCIC.
International students are required to purchase at their own expense when registering at the beginning of the semester. Those who fail to purchase insurance in accordance with the provisions shall be informed of a time limit, and those who fail to be insured within the time limit shall not be accepted by the university.
Those who have studied in BRCIC shall be rejected by the university or will not be allowed to register. The comprehensive insurance for overseas students in China mainly includes death insurance liability, accident disability, insurance liability, accidental injury medical insurance liability, outpatient and emergency medical insurance liability, and hospitalization medical insurance liability.
In case of accidental injury or hospitalization, international students must inform the teacher in charge in the first time, and the student's school shall settle the claim with the insurance company or apply for medical advance payment service according to the predetermined insurance terms. The following materials shall be provided when accepting claims:
1) A copy of the first page of passport;
2) Hospital diagnosis;
3) Details of inpatient treatment and medication;
4) Receipt of drug fee (original);
5) Cases;
6) Personal bank information (copy of bank card, name of bank account.