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The 4th happy Chinese language experience month opens

On June 10, international education college held the opening ceremony of the 4th happy Chinese experience month activity of shandong jiaotong university. Shang yue, dean of international education college, liu yongdong, secretary of the general branch of the party, and teacher representatives attended the opening ceremony.

Class ceremony ShangYue dean spoke first, extended a warm welcome on behalf of the school to the arrival of foreign students to the United States, this paper introduces the implementation of the happy experience in Chinese activities scheme, and introduced the school, school characteristics, etc. Secretary liu yongdong used "old", "big" and "new" to summarize the major of our school and our school in the following speech. At the end of the ceremony, President shang and secretary liu presented commemorative gifts to students and took photos with them.

The happy Chinese experience month has been successfully held for three sessions, which is an important measure for education to further expand the scale of international students and improve the level of international education. The activity with "happy, share, experience" for the idea, take the form of short-term Chinese classes the cultural experience and the organic combination of learning Chinese, the most widely attract students from all over the world to study in our school.

The implementation of happy Chinese experience month will help deepen the cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, improve students' cross-cultural literacy, and make students feel the sparks of different cultural differences. In-depth exchange experience mode, it can improve students' foreign language level and academic level, make the students to form "match well of Chinese and western" innovative thinking mode, will become the college open international vision, cultivate creative thinking of the new bridge.