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A group of "foreign students" came to the construction site of shijike

On July 15, China railway 10 bureau Shi Ji guest designed shandong section of track-laying start ceremony, welcomed a group of special guests, although couldn't understand what they were saying, but everyone's face show curiosity and excitement...



They are from shandong traffic institute of international education college in the United States, South Korea, Bangladesh, ivory coast, Ethiopia, Zambia and other 16 countries of international students, majoring in civil engineering and mechanical engineering in China. They have different skin colors, different languages, different cultural backgrounds and life habits, but this cannot stop them from being curious and loving about China's high-speed rail automation technology. Their arrival suddenly became the most beautiful scenery in the paving activities.


Despite heavy rain at the event, their thirst for knowledge of China's high-speed rail automation technology was unaffected. They surrounded in heated discussion surrounding the track-laying machine, asked the teacher around, meticulous and serious not miss every nuance of track-laying assignments link, like pieces of sponge zi zi constantly absorbing knowledge into their mind, desperately want to put it into the skills of high-speed rail lines.