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Chinese and foreign students spend the New Year together

On February 15, New Year's eve, organized by shenyang university international education exchange center "2018 Chinese and foreign students association" Spring Festival held in traditional cultural situation in the classroom, with "China's reform and opening up for forty years, we entered the new era" as the theme of orientation events attracted a New Year's day is not returned more than 60 foreign students and excellent students in shenyang.
Chinese folk culture of the Spring Festival lectures, nearly an hour of theatrical performances, poetry readings, solo, semichorus, solo piano, guitar playing, guzheng, such as traditional ballad, African dance, happy moments and deep impression on everybody. In the art performance, "qinyuanchun · snow" recited by kylovinology of Uganda took the lead in pushing the sorority to the climax and won wide praise and high praise from the audience. Piano solo "hobbit 3: five military wars, will culminate again fraternity, fraternity in the cheerful" katyusha "semichorus in the end, you don't want to leave, to communicate with each other about it.
Vice principals wang xiaochu and liu kebin arrived on a special trip and sent the cordial greetings and best wishes to the New Year from party secretaries su wenjie and li feng. Fireworks, to stick couplets on the Spring Festival, small gift, and red envelopes, make dumplings together, taste the shenyang features a big family reunion dinner, the students to experience the culture of the Spring Festival, feeling the warmth of family atmosphere and strong NianWeiEr.
This is the first time that the center has organized Chinese and foreign students to experience the folk culture and art performance of the Spring Festival. Spread the excellent Chinese culture, show the exotic demeanor of overseas students, create a friendly and integrated festive atmosphere. Students able to communicate closely and promote Chinese and foreign scholar's understanding and recognition, trust each other, respect each other, and self-motivated person, common progress and promote the development and prosperity of the Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, real experience multicultural, friendly interactive communication, promote the cultural exchanges between the taste and quality.