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College of Economics and Management


The College of Economics and Management was merged and reorganized from Management Department and Economics Department accordingly, and was formally established in January 2008. The college has 1460 undergraduate students and 11 undergraduate majors and orientations including: Public utilities management, Information management and Information systems, Tourism management, Marketing, Human resources management, Logistics management and Electronic business professional orientation and Management of public utilities (Property Management Orientation), and so on. There is Enterprise Management which has 1 postgraduate major in the college, with about 50 students and 9 instructors. There are also corporate strategic management, SME management, Risk investment management and Business operations management; 4 research directions in the college.

Teaching Staffs
Presently, the College has 77 teaching staffs, including 10 professors, 23 associate professors, 35 lecturers and 1 senior engineer. Among them, 23 hold PhDs, 44 hold Masters Degree and 2 are PhD students’ instructors thereby forming a young and well organized team.

Teaching and research offices
The college has 9 teaching and research offices, 1 provincial experimental teaching centre, and 2 research institutes which are SGS logistics Research Institute of Northeast Asia and Industrial Economics Institute of Liaoning Province. The college can set up teaching experiments on logistics management, e-commerce, networking, ERP, international trade practice, guide modeling, food and beverage management, rooms management, human resources management, international economic and trade, finance and financial, and so on. Over the past three years, about 150 scientific research subjects were completed, including 1 second prize national teaching award, 6 provincial teaching awards, 10 university teaching awards were achieved. In addition, 30 academic research monographs and textbooks were published and more than 300 Thesis were also published in core national academic journals, involving 60 in international academic conferences, among which, about 50 articles were included in SCI, EI and ISTP retrieval.