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All undergraduate and graduate students are required to live in the International Students Building. The international students’ apartments contain everyday facilities to meet the requirements of international students.

Twin Room: four persons sharing the common bathrooms, and living room 
Single Room: three/four persons sharing the common bathrooms and living room 
Private Room: private bathroom and study, air conditioning, TV, telephone, and internet access 

Room Price 

Room Types




Private Room

14400 Yuan/year

Friendship Villa

Bedding Fee: 500 Yuan
Internet Service: 480Yuan/year
Electricity: 100-unit free electricity per month
Free Water

Single Room

850 Yuan/month

Friendship Villa

650 Yuan/month

Block A/B

Twin Room

600 Yuan/month

Friendship Villa

500 Yuan/month

Block A/B

Photos of Accommodation(click the pictures to enlarge)