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Engineering International Construction and Project Management (ICPM)

Teaching Medium: English
Degree Awarded: Master's Degree
Entry Requirements: Bachelor's Degree
Duration: 2 Years
Starting Date: Jun.2023
Application Deadline: Feb 22, 2023
Tuition Fee:
CNY 79,000 per year
Application Fee:
250 USD (Non-Refundable)
Schools: Other

Introduction of ICPM
The program is offered by Department of construction management which is part of the School of Civil Engineering. The school has international profile with leading researchers working across many disciplines. The Master of Engineering in International Construction Project Management (ICPM) program aims to broaden and deepen students' knowledge of contemporary issues in the leadership, strategic management, and delivery of international projects to provide value to stakeholders and society as a whole. The unique characteristic of this program is to expose students to a new way of thinking. Awareness of how Chinese organizations operate, manage, and delivery projects in the fast-changing world. The program is practice-oriented. Students will be taught to think creatively, devoted innovative ideas, and to use tools and techniques for effective management of projects. Students will be taught about problems solving, leadership, and the exploitation of technology. This is a unique opportunity to embrace Chinese culture and thinking and to engage in the world of construction.
Students are required to complete all courses (25 credit hours in total) as follows.
Basic Chinese 2 credits
Chinese Culture and Society 2 credits
Analytical theories, techniques and tools 3 credits
Literature Review and Proposal 1 credit
Frontier in International Construction 3 credits
Risk Management in Construction 2 credits
Professionalism, Ethics, Leadership & Anti-Corruption 2 credits
International Business Management in Construction 2 credits
Strategic Management of Projects 1 credit
Project Delivery 2 credits
Info. and Comm. Technologies for Construction 2 credits
Legal and Contractual Issues 2 credits
Corporate and Project Finance 1 credit
Plan of Study / Milestones
This program consists of four semesters and lasts for 18 months. Students will begin the program in summer semesters (around mid-June).
  2012 June.-2012 Aug. 2012 Spt.- 2013 Jan. 2013 Feb.- 2013 Nov.
Period (month) 1st-3nd 4th-8th 9th-18th
Course Course Work (10 credit hours) Course Work (15 credit hours) /
Thesis / Proposal Writing and Defense Thesis Writing and Defense
Application Schedule
Phase 1: Before December 24, 2011
Phase 2: Before February 22, 2012
Both the Online Application and a complete set of Application documents should be completed and the package should be received by February 22, 2012.
Please note that for the Government or University scholarship applicants, online application and all the application documents should be submitted before December 24, 2011.
Tuition and Scholarship
The tuition fee of the whole program is RMB 158,000, in which the medical insurance (900 RMB/full program) is included.
The qualified applicants are encouraged to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS), Beijing Government Scholarship (BGS), or other scholarship.
This program provides 50% of the students with varied scholarship, which may cover 20% - 60% of the tuition fee.

Applicant should have a Bachelor degree.
1 Photocopy of valid passport
With photo, passport number &expiration date and name included.

2 Passport-sized photo
A passport-sized photo taken recently of the applicant.

3.  Bachelor's degree diploma
Graduation certificate should be in Chinese or English.If not, it should be translated into Chinese or English and be notarized.

4.  Transcript of undergraduate school

5.  Two recommendation letters
From professor,associate professor or equivalents.

6.  Certificate of English proficiency test
IELTS or TOEFl will only be required if the applicant is not a native English speaker.

7.  Personal Statement
Personal Statement with the applicant's signature, written in Chinese or in English. You can download a template or sample from here.

8.  Resume
Written in Chinese or in English