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2015 Chinese New Year Party of International Students in LUT

       To usher in the coming Chinese Lunar New Year---Spring Festival,  Liaonin University of Technology(LUT) held this New Year Party for international students in School of International Education.

       This year, in Chinese Zodiac, is the year of goat which symbolizes a great start and heralds smooth progress and prosperity. And LUT and all teachers wish all the best for LUT's international students in this very new happy year.

       First, our excellent students sang a Chinese song Yueliang Daibiao Wode Xin, which means "the moon represents my heart" to give it a wonderful start.And throughout the party, students prepared their best performances and played funny games to celebrate the New 

Year together with teachers, as there are singing, dancing, and the most representative one----ethnic costume model show.  

      Students used their beautiful and unique way to show the exotic passion and fashion to the school that amazed all. The school is honored and grateful to hold this party and witness the wonderfulness from all over the world .