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School Open Day

At 9:00 am on June 15th, the campus Open Day of our school will be held as scheduled in 2018. This activity is organized by the student affairs office, with the participation of all secondary schools and relevant departments. Wang kaijun, deputy secretary of the party committee, attended the Open Day activities.
Campus Open Day is an effective platform for colleges and universities to display the characteristics of their schools, introduce the development of their disciplines, and publicize the educational achievements of their schools. This year, the campus Open Day activity of our school has set up three links: face to face with experts, visiting shen yi and volunteer reading. The leaders and leaders of the secondary school introduce the discipline and specialty of our school to the examinees and parents in detail. College students volunteer to take students and their parents around the campus, into the library, teaching building and history museum, and experience the university culture. Finally, students essence Liang Hao director was carried out by the university entrance exam to college lectures, with full and accurate data and easy to understand language, combined with PPT and case, for students and parents scientific analysis of the college admissions policy and voluntary reporting skills. After the lecture, the students and parents have said today's lecture is very useful, and consult with our school admits fractional line last year and seating arrangement in detail to the professional curriculum and employment, and so on and so forth.
In addition to the campus Open Day, the school also actively carries out recruitment publicity through the Internet, newspapers, WeChat platform and other media. June 10-15, our school recruitment of students propaganda personnel in shenyang, anshan, dalian, jinzhou, chaoyang, huludao, fuxin, yingkou eight city to carry out the recruitment of students propaganda activities, and the examinee face-to-face exchanges, to show our school form more students and parents.
In 2018, is the key for the implementation of ingenious ways of liaoning province comprehensive reform of the years, the school attaches great importance to the recruitment of students work, follow the pace of reform, intensify propaganda, innovative forms of propaganda, school cooperate with various departments and related functional departments, to realize our school recruitment of students work smoothly laid a good foundation.