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Fees of Shenyang Medical University

Tuition fee: RMB 25000/year
Registration fee: USD 150
Accommodation: RMB 2500-7500/year
Accommodation deposit: RMB 500 for old dormitory, RMB 2000 for new dormitory (Refund when leaving dormitory)
Bedding: RMB 500
Books fee: RMB 2000 (6 years in total)
Health checkup: RMB 700
Visa Extension: RMB 820 for the first year, RMB 800/year since the second year
Insurance: RMB 4800 (6 years in total)
First year in total: RMB 37,820

1. Food and stationery is about RMB 7000 per year.
2. Registration fee USD 150 should be paid before applying the JW202 Form.
3. Student just pay 25% tuituin fee if they do not make internship in Shenyang Medical University.
4. Accommodation deposit will be refunded to the student when graduating if no damage in apartment.
5. The fees for health checkup, Visa Extension, Insurance, Books are not decided by university, once changed, please pay accordingly.
6. All fees in the first year is necessary, please transfer to university account before you come.