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Why Study in Beihua University

Approved by the Ministry of Education, Beihua University was founded in 1999 by the combination of the original Jilin Teacher's college, Jilin Medical College, Jilin Forestry College and Jilin Electrification Academy. It is situated in the Rime Metropolis and Charming City——Jilin.

The university has four campuses: the south, the north, the east, and the west campus. Currently, the University has the total enrollments of 21,772 students, including 19,304 undergraduate students, 931 graduates and 550 international students from over 40 countries. The University has 30 academic colleges and offers 71 undergraduate specialties, 38 Master's programs. Among 1,531 faculties, there have been 248 professors, 510 associate professors.

The university regards highly international exchange and cooperation, taking advantage of the scientific achievements and experience of school running of foreign universities, exploring our road of internationalization and modernization in the communication of national culture and the achievements of the world civilization. It has successively established exchange-and -cooperation relation with 37 universities or educational institutions from countries like America, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Canada, etc. Since the combination, the university invited nearly 190 foreign experts and scholars to deliver lectures, sent nearly 200 fine young and middle-aged mainstays, scientific researchers and management mainstays to America, Japan, Russia, South Korea, European countries and areas to visit, cooperate the scientific research, attend international academic conference. The university runs school through joint venture programs with South Korea and Japan by 2+2, 3+2, with America by 1+2+1, MBA 1+1, and to exchange students with them. University is approved to accept “Chinese Government Scholarship”, “Confucius Institute Scholarship”, and “Government Scholarship of Jilin Province” students. And University is qualified in accepting undergraduates majoring in clinical medicine (English Medium) as well. In 2007, Kangwon National University and Beihua University co-established Confucius Institute. The university adapted to the development of worldwide higher education, developed itself in the exchange of Chinese culture and world civilization.

Beihua university accepted good achievement from the reform of higher education, inherited from original 4 colleges, especially after the combination, Beihua university improved the teaching condition and campus, with its gradually suitable professional and faculties structures, its more complete running levels, its equipment and facilities took shape, it promoted international education and academic exchange. At present, all the teachers and students follow the school motto of "Advocating moral integrity and hard learning; Upholding self -reliance and earnest practice", they also aim at building the university into a comprehensive university which is well-known at home and with great influence abro