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Three-month Intensive Chinese Language Training Program
Teaching Medium: Chinese
Degree Awarded: Non-Degree
Entry Requirements: Any education background is acceptable
Duration: 3 Years
Hours/Week: 20 hrs/wk
Starting Date: Oct.2020
Application Deadline: Nov 14, 2020
Tuition Fee:
CNY 4,500 per month
Application Fee:
35 USD (Non-Refundable)
Schools: Other

Three-month Intensive Chinese Language Training Program for Foreigners with Some Basic Chinese Knowledge

Courses: Comprehensive Chinese; Chinese Listening and Speaking; Chinese Culture Teaching

Texts: Chinese Reading Comprehension; Chinese Elementary Listening Course; Chinese Culture

Duration of Teaching: 20 classes per week; 15 weeks per term


Admission Fee: RMB 200 per person, paid at the time of application.
Registration fee: RMB 200 per person, paid at the beginning of each school year.
Miscellaneous Fee: RMB 4000 for the first year, and RMB 2500 for each following year. (Miscellaneous fee contains the fees for books, teaching materials, insurance, physical examination, residence permit, etc.)
Accommodation Fee: for two-bed room is : 600 RMB / month (double room); 400 RMB / month (triple room)

Notes: You could attend class during the mid-time of term and won't open classes alone except the amounts of students are large enough to have classes alone.

healthy non-chinese citizen
1.Photocopy of valid passport
With name, passport number & expiration date, and photo included

2.Passport photo
A recent passport-sized photo of the applicant