Types of International Students

Fee Standard


Medicine, Arts

RMB 20000 per acdemic year

Other Specialties

RMB 16000 per acdemic year

Masters’ Degree Candidates

RMB 30000 per acdemic year

Long-term Chinese Training students

RMB 16000 per acdemic year

Mid-term Chinese Training Students

RMB 8000 per semester

Short-term Chinese Training students

RMB 3000 per month

Admission fee

RMB 400 per person, paid at the time of application.

Registration fee
RMB 200 per person, paid at the beginning of each school year.

Miscellaneous Fee 
RMB 5400 for the first year, and RMB 2500 for each following year. (Miscellaneous fee contains the fees for books, teaching materials, insurance, physical examination, residence permit, etc.)