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Achievement of Chongqing Medical University

Since 1978, Chongqing MedicalUniversity has won various awards in science and technology 520 times, including National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology and National Award for Technological Invention.

The report on the research paper retrieval in 2005 which was released by National Institute of Science and Technology Information, Chongqing Medical University ranks 42nd in all the universities regarding the publication of research papers in important journals in China.

In CQUM 25 specialties are offered at the undergraduate level, mainly Clinical Medicine (Pediatrics, Reproductive Medicine, Rescue Medicine, and General Practitioner), Oral Medicine, Laboratory Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Image Medicine, Anesthesia, Biomedical Engineering, Pharmacology, Nursing etc.
The university has 4 affiliated hospitals directly under its administration, which are all rated as 'Upper First-class Hospitals' in China.